When students are facing a serious illness or the dying or death of a family member, school staff are often a key support to the child.  The Children and Youth Grief Network has created a video series to inform school staff on how to best support grieving children and youth in the school and in the classroom.

Retired Teachers of Ontario and District 39.



Introduction to How to Support Grieving Students

How to Recognize Children’s Grief

How to Support Grieving Children

What are the 4 C’s? Four Common Concerns of Grieving Children and Youth

What to Say, What Not to Say

Additional Resources -Supporting Grieving Students in the School and the Classroom

In May 2019 The Children and Youth Grief Network (CYGN) hosted a live Knowledge Exchange Webinar with network partner Andrea Warnick. “Building Your Toolbox: Highlighting Resources Available to Support Grieving Children and Youth” featured CYGN’s most recent research entitled, ‘Crossroads of Grief: Understanding Grief and Diversity’ which explores the needs of marginalized grieving youth.

Children and Youth Grief Network 2019 Knowledge Exchange Webinar with Andrea Warnick