Don’t Be Afraid to Engage: When a child you know experiences the death of a parent, it is important to engage that child on some level. Visit with the family. Share a favorite memory.

Listen and Be Present: Having an opportunity to tell his or her story is often beneficial to a child’s healing process. It is important to really listen when they are sharing.

It’s Okay to Ask: When in doubt, ask a grieving child how you can help. Expect that you might get a range of answers or even a myriad of questions about grief.

Understand How Children Grieve: Children will grieve for the rest of their life. It is important to remember that each child has his or her own way of grieving.

Create Opportunities for Rituals: Rituals can give children tangible ways to acknowledge their grief and to honor the memory of those who have died.

Bring Your Families Together: Although invitations might be turned down, continue to invite grieving children and families to participate in so¬cial gatherings and outings.

Lend a Hand, but Be Specific: Grieving parents to delegate more, but they often hesitate to do so. Don’t wait to be asked— and be specific when you do ask. “Could I take your kids to basketball practice on Tuesday?”

Spread the Word: Make sure to talk to your friends about engaging with grieving families. Be an advocate to ensure that grieving children and families do not have to grieve alone.

Text reproduced from the “Grief Journey of a Child”, research made possible by The New York Life Foundation. For the full document, click here.

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Canadian Children's Grief Symposium

Join us for Canada's first national Children's Grief Symposium. Participants will have the opportunity to learn foundational concepts,
practical tools and innovative methods that will help them to support children, youth and families who are coping with grief and bereavement
in their own communities. Workshops will be delivered by practitioners and educators from across Canada who have extensive experience
and knowledge in children's grief and bereavement care.


  • Date: November 18, 2021
  • Location: Virtual Conference
  • Focus: Education and Collaboration
  • Keynote Speaker: Will Petschenig
  • Number of Guests: 500+
  • Participants: Professionals from schools, healthcare, funeral homes, victim services and other social services agencies

Hosted by
Light house peer supportseasons centre for grieving children

In association with

Interactive sessions will cover a wide range of topics including:

  • - Foundational children's grief concepts
  • - Advanced practice ideas
  • - Emerging research
  • - Innovative program ideas and tools
  • - Widowed solo parenting
  • - Childhood traumatic grief
  • - Expressive arts therapies
  • - Supporting youth from different cultures
  • - The essential role of music in healing for Indigenous children and their families
  • - Trauma-informed community care for grieving families
  • - Supporting child survivors of suicide
  • - and many more...

There will be multiple opportunities for participants to connect and engage with one another and with the presenters.

Volunteers and students are encouraged to attend.

Click here to register