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This Toolkit is part of the CYGN’s ongoing evidence-based knowledge translation initiatives. Our inaugural Children’s Grief Awareness Family Day was launched in November 2017 and was born out of the expertise of our network partners, in response to the needs of local parents and families and our research findings on the value of peer support and access to local services.
Recognizing our limited capacity as a grassroots organization, we wanted to create a toolkit so that other groups can organize and implement a Family Day in their own region. We have designed this toolkit and the associated materials so that you can customize the program to meet the needs of your community. It can be used by practitioners in palliative care and grief, mental health, education, and healthcare -- effectively any space where you encounter children, youth and families that are grieving death or dying.
As someone who has requested this toolkit, the CYGN will support your efforts by helping you source additional expertise and resources and plan and evaluate your Family Day. Together, we will increase the impact of programs and services for grieving families. Spread across six modules, this toolkit includes helpful tips for your planning process, and links to various templates (i.e. emails, agendas, save-the-dates, media release forms, activities, social media posts, evaluation forms, and thank you cards). We’ve got everything you need to host your own Family Day. We are also available to help support your event by providing expert speakers and clinicians if they are needed.
As a recipient of this toolkit, you and your organization will have access to review and use all of the information, tips, lists and templates it encompasses. In return, we have asked that you agree to the following items. We also ask that you complete a survey after your event to help use determine the impact and effectiveness of the Toolkit resource.

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Disclaimer and Terms & Conditions Policy
These handbooks are intended for individuals who have received formalized training in the field of children and youth grief and bereavement support. Each handbook is to be considered a supplementary resource and in no way replaces formalized training. The information and activities included are intended to build upon a supporter's existing toolkit and may not be applicable or appropriate in all situations. Individuals using this handbook should receive ongoing supervision by professionals at a reputable organization specializing in the socio-emotional support of children and their families. The wellbeing of
children and youth is of utmost importance – considering the vulnerability of the population, we cannot stress enough the importance of training and professional supervision.

Except as indicated, no part of this handbook may be reproduced, reprinted, syndicated, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted without written permission from The Children and Youth Grief Network. No part of this handbook may be used for sale or profit.

This handbook may be reproduced for use solely within your organization as a supplementary resource for trained volunteers and/or professionals. All materials must credit this handbook as the source. This handbook (in its entirety or any part therein) may not be reproduced or transmitted beyond your organization. The Children and Youth Grief Network reserves the exclusive rights to manage the distribution of this resource. Please direct interested parties to the contact below to inquire about securing a copy of the handbook. Please send comments, questions and requests to:
info@childrenandyouthgriefnetwork.com. We welcome you to send your successes and activities to be considered for future editions.