These activities have been extracted from The Handbook for Volunteers and the Handbook for Supporters. Activities are available for download in order to share to share with families and community partners working in grief and bereavement.

The Calming Jars
Key Learning: To develop emotional literacy and promote self-regulation.
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Coping Toolbox
Key Learning: Promote self-awareness and healthy coping strategies.
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Grief Stack
Key Learning: To cultivate emotional literacy and facilitate sharing.
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Key Learning: Validate connection between children and youth and the person who is dying. Support opportunities for children and youth to give and receive care and comfort.
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What’s Your Worry
Key Learning: When a child is experiencing anxiety, whether due to a new situation, a change in a familiar routine, or more recently, worries about COVID-19, it can have an impact on their daily lives. These feelings can cause a change in sleep, eating as well as become overwhelming emotionally. This activity provides an opportunity for the child to share those anxieties and hopefully feel calmer. ‘What’s Your Worry’ can be used with a range of ages.
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Memory Box
Key Learning: To validate and support an ongoing connection with the person who is dying/ has died.
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Self-Care Spinner
Key Learning: To promote healthy coping strategies and encourage self-care.
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Worry Dolls
Key Learning: To identify and address worries. To promote self regulation.
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All Mixed Up
Key Learning: from this therapeutic activity, inspired by the book, The Colour Monster (2012) by Anna Llenas include, developing emotional literacy skills, normalizing feelings, and promoting self-expression.
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