The Toronto Commandery Hospice recognizes that grieving the death and/or imminent death of a loved one can be one of the most difficult experiences we will encounter in our lifetime. Children can be particularly vulnerable in simply not having the experience or developed coping skills to navigate the grief journey. TTCH is dedicated in offering support to children and their families in the city of Toronto through:

  • One on One bereavement support (including anticipatory bereavement) for children, youth and adults
  • Group bereavement programs for children, youth and adults
  • Education opportunities- from “How to speak with your children/youth about dying and death” to “Memory Making”, “Death Education” and more.
  • Through the generousity and kindness of our donours, support and programs are provided at no cost to families.
    The Toronto Commandery Hospice

Maureen Russell Supportive Care Coordinator

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